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We at The Errand Company wanted to improve the way services are currently being delivered in our industry. We went about this by simplifying, improving and making a more transparent pricing system where we created a more tailored and flexible service. Whether serving businesses or our individual clients we aim to provide a fully comprehensive service one which makes the overall experiences easier and less frustrating.

Whether dealing with our residential or commercial clients we take the same attentive approach where we listen to their needs and put the relevant processes in place to achieve the desired outcomes. We regularly monitor and evaluate clients projects no matter what size they are as we believe their are always improvements that can be made. We have been exceptionally successful at bringing these values which have been established at a local level and incorporating it into our expansion and growth giving our commercial clients the same tailored service normally associated with dealing with clients on a much smaller scale.

Our clients are at the center of everything we do so whether you are seeking to use us for our more personal services or contacting us with a commercial inquiry rest assured you will be dealt with professionally, personally and flexibly we don’t believe in a one size fits all and will tailor our product to suit your needs.


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