Trained and Competent Delivery of Reablement Care.

We are always looking at new developments within our area of expertise. Ways in which care can be improved upon and ultimately enhance the service user lifestyle both mentally and physically. Reablement care is a forward thinking approach one which we have adopted as we believe in its philosophy of not doing everything for the service user and getting them to do some things for themselves no matter how small. Reablement helps the individual regain those key life skills which breeds confidence and a positive frame of mind. Our reablement service aims to access our clients social care needs and also determine an effective way of preventing injury or deterioration in a medical or physical condition.

This means a general shift in the way our care is devised, a move away from dependency to independence. Based and always tailored around the individual abilities we in conjunction with the service user and third parties if required will tailor a care plan which is designed to incorporate not only the client current needs but also future aspirations. We aim to involve the client and set bite size targets designed to encourage and strengthen the individual involvement with their own care.

Care plan can range over a short or long term period, usually lasting up to six weeks when the patient comes out of hospital after a minor break or fracture to regain confidence and independence around the house or it can be used for longer periods for more severe disabilities providing a goal centred approach ultimately to reduce the amount of care required of an individual after he/she relearns or adopts new approaches to certain tasks. We do all initial assessments within the client home and pay particular attention to equipment that is required in order for the service user to live independently we also look at positioning of furniture and white goods with the aim to maximise the potential of the service user abilities around the home.

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Our Reablement Service promotes

  1. Improving health, independence and well being
  2. Relearning the practical skills of everyday life.
  3. Improving psychological needs and reengaging with their community.
  4. Nurturing the belief that things can and will get better.
RatesMonday to Friday 9am – 5pmWeekday 9am – 5pmBooking Requirement
Reablement Care£22phMinimum 2hrs per visit
  • "The team worked extremely hard and made sure we were happy with everything before they left. Our paving slabs in our garden look beautiful, and the kids love playing in their now. Thanks again for your help."  
  • "Borys was extremely helpful he helped me move all the items of the window sill, before thoroughly cleaning our windows inside and out polite and friendly we will definitely be using him again"
  • "Shola was polite and friendly and gave my home a thorough clean, I have asked for him to come round again"

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